Brief of Amici Curiae Residents and Families of Residents at Homes of The Little Sisters of the Poor in Support of Petitioners

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For almost 150 years, the Little Sisters of the Poor in the United States have provided an incomparable loving environment for elderly poor people, many of whom have nowhere else to go. The Little Sisters’ religious beliefs inspire them to give up their lives for this work, but they don’t force their religion on others; they provide this irreplaceable service regardless of religious affiliation, condition of dependency, or ability to pay. Now the Little Sisters are being told by the federal government that if some employee wants free contraceptives, they must facilitate -- in violation of their religiously informed consciences -- or face huge fines that would endanger their ability to carry out their mission of mercy. Because of their overwhelmingly positive experiences at homes of Little Sisters of the Poor, amici residents and their families want to support in the strongest way possible the continuation of the Little Sisters’ invaluable work.