September 11, 2001 was surely evil incarnate. But out of the shadows and embers of such devilish devastation, going forward, for society to “endure”‖, let alone “prevail”, a “lasting good” must emerge; an enduring immutable and sustainable commitment to peace and non-violence. And, of course, any “lasting good”‖, however utopian or pragmatic would surely require destruction and eradication of terrorism in all of its diverse incarnations; the eradication and destruction of the machinery of terrorism wherever it is found. Long range, it must be the goal, aspiration and belief that out of the seeds and memory of 9/11 there might come a new sense of hope and optimism among all nations. A new beginning in which nations seek to resolve differences in a calm, ordered and peaceful way; that ultimately out of the memory of that fateful day might come greater understanding between nations and faiths; and above all that there may come justice and prosperity for the poor and dispossessed, so that people everywhere can see, at least, the chance of a better future through the hard work and creative power of the free citizen, not the violence and savagery of the fanatic.



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